Blue Notes

Not activly maintained, but still available: App Store  (feel free to ask for a free promo-code - guess you deserve one ;-)

Blue Notes is a simple songbook for the harmonica - a database to store tabs on your iPhone (or your iPod touch).

It has support for the ABC-format, so you can choose from thousands of existing tunes to import (hint: You can find a sample file on the website of the ABC Music project).

Blue Notes translates your notes into harp tabs, transforming the iPhone into the perfect companion for one the most portable instruments.

If you are not playing the harmonica, instructions like "4 4 -4 4" might be irritatiing for you - but as the overall design of Blue Notes is very flexible, fans of guitar or piano may be able to get output in their favored format with a future upgrade (it won't help you carrying those instruments, though).

Any form of feedback is appreciated - just write an email to .